“When I sold my company, I got to know Dr. Opl as a committed partner with integrity sitting across the table from me – as someone who says what he thinks and does what he says. As you can only sell your business once in your life, these are invaluable qualities.”
(Florian Zangerl, owner and seller of Industriemagazin Verlag Ges.mbH)

“I was particularly impressed by Dr. Opl’s persuasiveness, with which he was always able to win over the people he was talking to or negotiating with – from operational experts to the board of directors. Furthermore, I remember him as a hard worker who always went that extra mile.”
(Dr Harald Fanderl, Director at McKinsey & Comp., Inc.)

“I still remember how you approached me on your own initiative in 2013 about a company sale. It was about the company I founded, DIOS, a dentist software company, which had developed into a very profitable company with approx. €2 m turnover and which I did not actually want to sell at that time. We held long discussions and finally I decided to sell a large part of the shares … What particularly impressed me in retrospect was the fact that everything you had promised in the sales process was later also adhered to 100%. You and your team were very meticulous but also very fair in your due diligence, did not make any empty promises and demonstrated absolute professionalism and integrity. Even after the sale, it was great fun working with you.”
(Werner Oskamp, founder and seller of DIOS Daten-Informations- und Organisations-Systeme GmbH)

“Dr. Opl was very helpful in sounding out the market environment for suitable acquisition options and then establishing the contact. We felt perfectly looked after and supported during the entire process up to the post-merger integration.”
(RA Ralf Wagner, Managing Director of Deubner Verlag GmbH)